Z's Ground Control Services

Lawn Mowing

Includes mowing of the lawn, weed trimming around the edges of the lawn, and cleanup of grass clippings on the lawn ( if requested ) or sidewalk

Sidewalk Edging

Edging of the lawn around all cement sidewalk and driveway edges (if requested). Get that razor sharp edge for your lawn that your neighbor spends all day Saturday perfecting, and spend your weekends the way you want to.

Core Aeration

Using our Aerator, we loosen the soil under your lawn, allowing for better nutrient and organic matter penetration. It also improves water absorption, and gives the roots of your lawn room to grow. Best done in the spring or fall of the year. Overseeding is also available with this service.


Seeding your lawn. Frequent seeding helps to repair dead spots and holes in your lawn, replace weeds, and thickens the grass. When coupled with Aeration, seeding can virtually remake your yard without having to tear it up and start all over again!

Fall Leaf Cleanup

We can clean up your leaves and remove them for you, in a fraction of the time and effort it would take to bag them all. If you can do the clean up, but don’t have a way to haul them away, bring them out to the curbside and we’ll remove them for you.

Spring Cleanup

Fall can bring about a large mess that only Winter knows how to hide. Once the snow melts it could reveal a spring mess. Let us spring clean your yard for you. We will clean up all the leaves and branches left from the fall and winter.

About Z's Ground Control

We Are Z's Ground Control

We are a locally owned professional lawn care company offering lawn mowing, trimming, lawn fertilization and weed control as well as tree and shrub services. Our lawn care service area includes Uniontown, Fairchance, Hopwood, Wharton, Chalk hill and the surrounding areas. Our programs are designed specifically for your lawn and include all necessary nutrients for the year.

Z’s Ground Control, LLC guarantees 100% client satisfaction. It’s very simple. Z’s Ground Control, LLC does not want unhappy customers. We’ll go to great lengths to make sure every customer is 100% satisfied. Z’s Ground Control, LLC employees are working hard to be responsive to your service requests and to any questions or problems that may arise. We believe that’s what good service is all about.

So, if there is ever a question or concern about your lawn or landscape needs, please email our Customer Service, or contact our office in Uniontown at (724) 366-9150

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I know what to expect from you and your guys and never have to worry about wondering if the job was done.

- St. Johns Secretary

I wanted to compliment you on your wonderful postcard. You are really one of a kind and a good business man.  I called my friend and told her, look at what Paul is doing, I said this is really good business here.

- Lorraine Koshcock

Very professional. Great work at a reasonable price.

- Matt Pavlovich
  • 2012

    Voted # 1 Lawn Care Company in the Herald Standard Community Choice Awards



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